Orange: Sunday School

Sunday School Curriculum for our Kidz families to use at home.

Sunday School Material to use at Home

Our curriculum provider, Orange, has offered us the chance to share their Sunday School material with our families while we're unable to gather for regular services. This is a fantastic opportunity to teach the same material we teach each week in a format anyone can use! The links below include weekly video presentations of story and worship experiences for each age range, and a free app that works with those lessons. These resources together provide an incredible opportunity to provide quality Sunday School material for our FCCM Kidz family!

Story and Worship Experiences

Weekly video presentations that continue our curriculum for First Look (Preschool), 252 Kids (K-3rd grade), and 252 Preteens (4th and 5th grade).

The Parent Cue App

This free app gives parents weekly cues that works alongside the content in the video presentations and provides even more material and resources for your family. Check out the promotional video below for more details.

The Parent Cue App