Connection Card & Prayer Request

Let us know which service you attended, a prayer request, or an address or phone number to update.

At First Christian Church of Malvern, we care about you.

Each week we ask everyone who attends a service to fill out a connection card, whether it's the paper one in the bulletin or the digital one here.

If you're new, please include your address, phone number, and email in the section near the end.

If your information is already on file, just complete the name, which service you attended this week, and your membership status. If you need to update anything, go ahead and complete that information at the end as well.

We also want know if there is anything we can pray about for you. FCCM believes prayer makes a difference, and we want to in prayer with you.

Be sure to click submit at the end!

NOTE: Any prayer request you share with First Christian Church of Malvern will remain confidential and will only be shared with our lead team for the purposes of prayer.

Thanks for worshipping with us today. Have a blessed week!