Info for In-person Church Services

We are open for in-person church services!

Important Information

For in-person services, adult education classes, children's and students' programming, and all church activities:

•          Please do not attend if you are sick, symptomatic, or have recently been exposed to contagious illness of any kind.

•           For those who are immunocompromised, not in good health, or in a high-risk group who want to attend in-person, we encourage you to attend either our Thursday at 7 pm service or our 11:30 Sunday service, as they are smaller. If you do not wish to attend in person, you can watch online at 9:55 am on either our Facebook page or our YouTube channel, or during any of our four services, you can listen from your car in our parking lot by tuning your FM radio to 88.3.

•          Please be respectful of other people's wishes. Air high fives, air hugs, waves, or fist/elbow bumps encouraged. Do not shake hands or hug others unless you have asked first or if you already know they are okay with it.

•           Families should sit together and try to leave a couple of seats between you and others who are not in your immediate family unit. It does get crowded sometimes, especially our 10 am Sunday service. If you are uncomfortable with non-family sitting right next to you, lay a sweater, Bible, or your communion in the seat next to you to let others know you'd rather not have someone sitting right next to you. Our 7 pm Thursday service and our 11:30 Sunday service are less crowded.

•           Communion is prepackaged and sealed. It is available as you enter the worship center. To access the bread, push down gently on the tab which will expose a thin layer of plastic that you peel back. Once the bread is removed, you can peel back the next layer to access the juice. Please dispose of the waste in the trash cans near the doors as you leave.

•           Offerings can be placed in the blue offering boxes on the rear wall of the worship center or in the lobby, given online, or mailed in/dropped off at the church office. You may also wish to use your bank's Bill Pay service to send a check to the church (4046 Coral Road NW, Malvern, Ohio 44644).